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Kindergarten in Chania
2020 - 21  Chania, Crete
C. Tessas
1.190 m2
Competition schematic design
Design team

Z. Tzounidou, M. Tzafeta, A. Athanasiou
Structural engineering: C. Hatzopoulos
Mechanical engineering: N. Oikonomou, C. Ntatsi
Budget management: A. Spiliotis

Τhe architectural study about the new kindergarten – welfare building and the neighbourhood park consists not only an inspirational proposition for social and educational paradigm but also a product of architectural research and data analysis.

East elevation sketch

The solution was specified by three design principles: a) high level of functionality and security, b) durable and affordable materials and construction methods and finally c) bioclimatic design combined with architectural qualities.

Interior view

Building functions are distributed in different floors creating a clear spatial layout, which makes it also flexible to be realised in two phases. Each function is easily accessed and well connected to the urban network and the park.

Building plan
Building section

The landscape design delivers a new landmark for social interaction able to support multiple community activities. The local features such as the vibrant building colours of Chania’s port, the rich Mediterranean scenery and the international character of the city defined the architectural outcome by providing users a new distinctive urban entry with narrative and sensorial qualities.

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