+30 210 64 35512
Pasteur 10, 11521
Athens, Greece
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About : The office

Chris : Tessas is based in the center of Athens next to Mavili Square and is undertaking architectural projects for an international clientele. Οur office comprises of a solid team with wide experience and expertise. We design buildings from scratch or intervene in historical and existing buildings. Our approach ensures high quality constructions and unique spatial experiences.

Educational & Cultural Spaces

Educational and cultural buildings engage people with public environments and thus they must be carefully developed with integral functional and aesthetical principles. We create works where people can enjoy the fine space and engage them to the content and the use of the building.

Working & Commercial Environments

A well – developed workspace boosts productivity, collaborations and business performance. Through our design method, we aim to ameliorate the workflow of the team, enhance the communication between company and clients and finally, deliver fineness and quality to the presence of the corporation in the business network.

Residential Projects

A house envisions someone’s personal aspirations of the ideal living. We work together with our clients so as to deliver a building that exceeds their vision, fulfil their needs, a place where their life takes place smoothly and comfortably in the spatial layout.