National Observatory of Athens - Thission complex refurbisment

Architects: Stelios Zerefos, Chris Tessas, Chrissi Stavropoulou, Vasilis Ganiatsas, S. Moundrichas

Location: Athens, Greece

Area: 1000 sq.m.

Status: Completed, Europa Nostra Award

Design: 2007-2008

Construction: 2008

Design team, consultants: D. Diamantakos, S. Zerefos, S. Sazakis

Client: National Observatory of Athens

The geoastrophysical walk is designed in communion with the existing buildings of the National Observatory of Athens in such a way as to enhance their operational and symbolic relationship.

Copyright © Chris Tessas, All Rights Reserved.

Photos: Erietta Attali, Copyright © Zerefos Tessas Architects. All Rights Reserved.

The participation in the design and the consulting process for the refurbishment of the National Observatory of Athens was completed voluntaringly free of charge as a way to increase the awareness of the hellenic architectural community and the general public for the preservation and protection of all important 19th and 20th century monuments that remain derelict in Greece.

The project includes the restoration and reuse of the historic buildings designed in the 19th century by the architects Theofilos Hansen and Ernst Ziller, as well as the configuration of the landscape in such a way as to create a walk which symbolically references the earth and celestial bodies.


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