Mini-Deli in Larissa

Architect: Chris Tessas

Location: Larissa, Greece

Status: Completed

Design: 2011

Construction: 2011

Design team, consultants: M. Tzafeta

Client: Private

The architectural proposal suggested the stripping of the interior space from any element hiding the building limitations (plasterboards from previous restorations, other decorative elements, etc.) and the addition of a lightweight, metallic articulated system, separated from the initial construction. The old layers of synthetic floors were detached and the mosaic that surfaced was carefully restored.

Copyright © Chris Tessas, All Rights Reserved.

Photos: Effie Fotaki


The facade was discreetly framed by the construction grid of the building which also determines the ownership limitations of the shop. Therefore, while the building and the load bearing structure predominates, exteriorly, being consistent with the Larissa's urban environment, the interior space is surprising, by means of the choice of colour and the manner of presentation of products.

While designing the mini-deli in Larissa typical architectural issues needed to be solved, such as the arrangement of functions within the space -given that the shop’s width does not exceed 2,70m.- or the budget that should not exceed the amount of 15.000 Euros.


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