House in Psychiko

Architect: Chris Tessas

Location: Psychiko, Attica, Greece

Area: 350 sq.m.

Status: Under construction

Design: 2014

Construction: 2014-in progress

Design team, consultants: M. Tzafeta, C. Hatzopoulos, D. Silivridis,                 

A. Sakellaris,  M. Agapakis, Y. Champsas, N. Champsas

Client: Private

The building in Psychico was constructed in three consecutive phases, from the 50’s and through the 80’s without a certain coherence in its constructive system or architectural design. The aim of the study was, on the one hand the reinforcement of the load-bearing structure, on the other hand the remodeling of its interior spaces and faces.

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Photos: Chris Tessas


The solution chosen combines both purposes, proposing four outer reinforcement walls of fare-faced concrete which, besides their structural role, largely define the aesthetic outcome of the building’s form but also offer the possibility of a free interior configuration.

At the same time, many of the preexisting distinctive features of the building are further preserved and highlighted. For instance, the cyclical balconies are now supported by concentric cyclical walls with curved glass panels, while the removal of plaster within the ground-floor spaces makes the bearing stonework visible.

Ultimately, a series of passive and active energy efficient systems is proposed, such as vertical awnings, sun-blinds, heat pumps, underfloor heating, external thermal insulation, tripple glazing energy glass panes and solar collectors that also optimise the thermal comfort within the building’s spaces.


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