Athens X 4 Competition

Architects: Chris Tessas, Stelios Zerefos

Location: Athens, Greece

Status: Competition

Design: 2011

Design team, consultants: A. Bekiari, A. Dampolia, H. Tessas

Client: Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, National Bank of Greece

Copyright © Chris Tessas, All Rights Reserved.

Text, 3D Representations, Copyright © Zerefos Tessas Architects. All Rights Reserved.

The proposal tries to suggest solutions for evident problems that characterize the city of Athens. The proposed solutions do not try to predict or to direct the behaviour of the citizens. On the contrary, they experiment by trying to reinforce the concepts of community and ecology with simple and economically viable means.

The present study presents a new dynamic and creative attitude towards the city, instead of developing specific architectural forms. The proposed interventions are indicative and not literal. In other words they do not target their perpetual repetition throughout the basin of Athens, but instead they propose the systematic repetition of the logic with which they were created.

The four blocks selected according to the competitions brief are at the crossroads of Ithakis and Kalymnou St. The ecological approach of our proposal can be comprised in:

i. the insertion of vegetation

ii. solutions concerning lack of ventilation

iii. the replacement of electric lighting

iv. the oprimization of natural lighting and shading

v. use of recycled and recyclable materials

vi. production of energy

vii. saving natural resources

viii. centralized waste management

ix. new underground parking spaces

x. optimization of traffic control


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