Appartment Refurbishment in Mavili Square

Architect: Chris Tessas

Location: Mavili Square, Athens

Area: 90 sq.m.

Status: Completed

Design: 2006

Construction: 2006-2007

Client: Private

The apartment in Mavili square is located in a typical apartment building constructed in 1958 whose most interesting feature is the metallic elevator, manufactured in accordance with standardised cross-sections at that time and with perforated metal mesh. The restoration aimed to maintain our experience when entering the building in the apartment’s interior spaces as well, without, however, the strict use of the architectural vocabulary of the time but more with a sophisticated use of materials, as a means of creating a harmonious connection between old and new.


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Photos: Karol Jarek


Thus, in the main spaces, walnut wood and marble of Messolonghi were chosen, while in the kitchen we used orange solid surface worktops and resilient cabinets wrapped in vinyl film.

At the same time, the old doors with the popular, during the 50’s, floral sandblasted glass panes we repaired, as well as various gypsum neoclassical style ornaments. Those elements, regardless of the fact that nowadays are usually disapproved as kitsch, were considered as an important feature reflecting the aesthetic and social atmosphere of that time, that of urbanisation and social advancement.

Lastly, several of the furniture were designed (bookcases, tables etc.) and later manufactured by skilful carpenters and blacksmiths. The outcome seeks to blend and to architecturally comment on two worlds, the 50’s and the modern aesthetic values, without depriving any of the two of the leading role.


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