Ostracon company headquarters

Architect: Chris Tessas

Location: Elliniko, Attica, Greece

Area: 460 sq.m.

Status: Under construction

Design: 2015-2016

Construction: 2016-2017

Client: Ostracon Med Ltd.

Those uses, had to be visually and spatially separate but also in direct contact with each other. During the initial discussions with our clients we concluded that the need for separation and directness all at once could possibly be the core architectural concept. Thus, we found it would be interesting that the office spaces be “transparent” while serving those needs without prioritising them, as is often the case.

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Following this logic, the search for a space was focused on existing high buildings with wide open surfaces of few columns. The location that was finally considered suitable for implementing our ideas was the ground floor of a two-storey building in Elliniko that largely met the criteria mentioned above. The interior was radically restored in order to fulfil the program, which was then elaborated in great detail.

The search for spaces to house the Ostracon company’s new headquarters began in 2016. The building program was rather complex since various uses were needed to coexist within the same space: reception, exhibition, seminar room of a minimum capacity of 30 persons, offices, storage room and studio.


The process of choosing materials, colours and furniture aimed at eliminating special emphasis in any particular space. For instance, entering the space, besides the reception one can see the storage room which is separated only by a metal mesh while bordering with the seminar room. Τwo 3 x 3 x 3 m white cubes can be placed at the right side of the entrance and serve as exhibition spaces for the company’s products. Their arrangement, as well as the products displayed in their interior, are alternated in line with the relevant needs.

The final result seems to fulfil our initial expectations since the whole space is bathed in natural light, while a sense of balance between quietness and creative vigilance creates the desired working conditions.

Photos: Giorgos Sfakianakis


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