Exhibition stand for Blackroll company

Architect: Chris Tessas

Location: Marathon Expo 2017, Faliro, Attica, Greece

Area: 12 sq.m.

Status: Completed

Design: 2017

Client: Blackroll Greece

42,195 is the number of kilometres Pheidippides run to deliver news of the athenian military victory at the Battle of Marathon that changed the history. Thousands of athletes from around the globe visiting Marathon Expo 2017 run 42,195 kilometres, surpassing themselves.

Copyright © Chris Tessas, All Rights Reserved.

Photos: Giorgos Sfakianakis

On the sole white wall of the booth the number 42,195 was formed by forty-seven Blackroll samples. This wall serves as a first marking of the booth since it is the first thing that passers-by see. It was also designed this way so that it be used as a backdrop wall during the exhibition, for athletes to be photographed in front of it.

Blackroll is a clever recovery product used by the greatest professional athletes in the world, but also by amateur sportspeople. For the exhibition booth that we designed for the Marathon Expo 2017, we decided to honour a number: 42,195. That is because no other number has been so closely interwoven with fortitude, perseverance, effort, endurance, strain and finally triumph.


Chris Tessas


Architect, ENSA Paris Malaquais

Pasteur 10

11521 Athens, Greece

tel.: +302106435512

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All other features are black. So, on the one hand they create a neutral background serving to directly promote the product and on the other hand they generate a space of visual tranquility and diversity, opposed to the abundance of colours and images defining the whole of the exhibition which, in 2017, was visited by 75.000 persons.